Glory Seed Devotional 04/04/2014

A Planting of Faith Seeds for the Glory of the LORD

The Journey of the Cross…

From the farthermost reaches of the unknown Eternal World a lone figure bursts forth into the world of time and space. At first the figure appears as a small infant born in manger destined to be the greatest of the great, the holiest of the holy. Against tremendous odds the infant grows into an Icon of the Creator but in the process of life he becomes a victim to those he came to save. And thus began the creation of the Cross.

Held motionless by the grip of the Cross the man named Jesus found enough strength to utter a few words, words that would echo throughout all time, words with enough power to completely rebuild the world as we know it. “Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit,” living words for a dying world. Before the grip of the Cross squeezed the last drop of life from Jesus he did one more noble deed, he gave us one more gift, he passed the Cross to us.

The Journey of the Cross did not begin with the Saviors decision to enter the medium of time; it is a journey planted into the world by Adam and Eve as they were expelled from the Garden of the Creator. It is a journey that grows to maturity in your life, in my life, and the life of all those who live and breathe in this world. It is a journey that will take you through the darkest, painful, and the most chaotic periods of your life. It is a journey for the vilest of the vile, for the criminal, for the alcoholic, for the drug pusher, for the drug user, for the child abuser, for the spouse abuser, and for all other people who walk in darkness. It is a journey we’d have to walk by ourselves if it weren’t for the Author of the Cross who walks with us.

Of all the journeys in life this is by far the costliest because it will cost us our lives, yet somewhere on the journey we will find the life we have lost; the life we have been cheated out of. If you are the vilest of the vile, if you are a criminal, if you are an alcoholic, a drug pusher, a drug user, an abuser, or a common sinner it will cost you your way of life, it will cost you those things that seem to bring you comfort yet lead to the abyss of hell. To walk the journey of the Cross is to see the consequences of choices you have made against the backdrop of eternity and see the Judges gavel hit the bench on judgment day and hear the words, “Not guilty by reason of forgiveness. You are free to live in eternity. Court adjourned.”

Before you smile there is one other aspect of the journey of the Cross you need to know. The gift of Cross is given to you with the understanding that you and you alone can decide to pick it up and follow its path to eternity. To pick it up and journey is the way of life, life beyond any words of description. To choose not to pick up the cross is the way of death, death beyond any words of description.

Believe it! Experience it!

Grace and PEACE!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them! “Peace be with you,” he said.”

(John 20:19, NLT)

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“Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.”

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