Glory Seed Devotional 05/26/2014

A Planting of Faith Seeds for the Glory of the LORD

A Memorial Day Tribute…

Many times in my writings you have read my definition of peace – Peace is not the absence of conflict – Peace is the presence of Jesus Christ. I believe that with all of my heart yet I also realize that the absence of conflict is also a valid definition of Peace.

This Memorial Day as we consider all the men and women who have lost their lives in the pursuit of peace not only in our Armed Forces who protect our precious freedom in faraway lands but also our men and women who serve as police officers and fire fighters who have given their lives to protect our homes and family in our neighbors and homes. Let us with a deep sense of humility and appreciation remember them because we can enjoy this day and every day because they went the extra mile for us. Let us remember them not only a fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, and grandmothers but as the heroes and heroines they really are.

As Christians who believe and follow Jesus in the pursuit of peace not only in our world but our land, our communities, and our neighborhoods we know war, we know conflict but we are not a warring people instead we are a people of Peace, we are a people of Jesus, we are a believing people in the prophetic work and word of God. Therefore let us take our stand with God and join him in the work of Peace both the inner Peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus but also the absence of conflict as well.

“In the last days the mountain on which the Lord’s Temple stands will become the most important of all mountains. It will be raised above the hills, and people from other nations will come streaming to it. Many nations will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the Temple of the God of Jacob, so that he can teach us his ways, and we can obey his teachings.” His teachings will go out from Jerusalem, the word of the Lord from that city. The Lord will judge many nations; he will make decisions about strong nations that are far away. They will hammer their swords into plow blades and their spears into hooks for trimming trees. Nations will no longer raise swords against other nations; they will not train for war anymore. Everyone will sit under his own vine and fig tree, and no one will make him afraid, because the Lord All-Powerful has said it. All other nations may follow their own gods, but we will follow the Lord our God forever and ever.” (Micah 4:1–5, NCV)

Let us pray long and hard for each and every person who is now protecting our freedom not only aboard on foreign soil but also in our own land.

Peace – the final frontier – pursuit it with the Eyes of God, the Heart of Jesus, and the Hands and Feet of the Holy Spirit!

Believe it! Experience it!

Grace and PEACE!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him, and he helps me. I am very happy, and I praise him with my song.” (Psalm 28:7, NCV)

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“Scriptures marked NCV are quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version, copyright © 1987, 1988, 1991 by Word Publishing, Dallas, Texas 75039. Used by permission.”

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