Glory Seed Devotional 06/09/2014

A Planting of Faith Seeds for the Glory of the LORD

Under Construction…

Ever considered yourself part of a construction crew? If you haven’t it’s time to get serious about not only considering it but jumping into the project with both feet because you’ve been constructing a relationship with God for many years now. Even if you think you haven’t! One thing we all need to realize we can ignore God but we can’t make him go away. Life begins with God and life ends with God and between beginning and end we are constructing a relationship with him.

Constructing a relationship with God requires a full crew each doing their part and supporting each other as long as the project is in construction. The Prophet Isaiah thousands of years ago illustrated it this way. “The workers help each other and say to each other, “Be strong!” The craftsman encourages the goldsmith, and the workman who smooth’s the metal with a hammer encourages the one who shapes the metal. He says, “This metal work is good.” He nails the statue to a base so it can’t fall over.” (Isaiah 41:6–7, NCV)

The bible says our lives are a Temple, God’s Temple a Temple constructed from the fabric and situations presented to us by life, a Temple pieced together by words that encourage, by words of hope, by words of healing, by words of love. And each word of encouragement, of hope, of healing, of love need be followed by action and activities giving them the power to rearrange difficulties into a Temple worthy of God’s presence.

Many think God expects magnificent Temples adorned with the finest of decorations and filled with eloquent furnishings and to achieve that they spend years in the construction phase that in the end counts for nothing. It’s too bad they forget that God came into this world in a stable with a manger for furnishings. It’s too bad they forget it who was in the manger that was and is most important.

The Temple I am presenting to God has two artificial hips, has not much hair, walks with a limp, has a troubled heart, pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes, is nearly 68 years old, never been to college, a blue collar worker, a husband, a father, a friend, an occasional pain neck for some, a son, a Christian, an author, a disciple. It would be impossible for me to list the names of all the construction workers who have assisted me. Because you have read these devotionals, typos and all we are construction workers on each other’s crew.

Jesus is the Architect! God is the Builder and the Holy Spirit is the power and life that holds the Temple together!

Believe it! Experience it!

Grace and PEACE!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him, and he helps me. I am very happy, and I praise him with my song.” (Psalm 28:7, NCV)

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“Scriptures marked NCV are quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version, copyright © 1987, 1988, 1991 by Word Publishing, Dallas, Texas 75039. Used by permission.”

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