Glory Seed Devotional 08/18/2014

A Planting of Faith Seeds for the Glory of the LORD

“This is the road! Now follow it.”

“People of Jerusalem, you don’t need to cry anymore. The Lord is kind, and as soon as he hears your cries for help, he will come. The Lord has given you trouble and sorrow as your food and drink. But now you will again see the Lord, your teacher, and he will guide you. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying, “This is the road! Now follow it.” (Isaiah 30:19–21, CEV)

It is true we are not the people of Jerusalem but then because God is everywhere we don’t need to be therefore we can be assured that he will come to us no matter where we are. Many times the “trouble and sorrow” we experience do not come directly from God but appear that way because God doesn’t prevent them. Which at times because of our frustration with God overshadow the Holy Spirit sent to help us. But God exercises his love and compassion for us in spite of our frustration and, “The Lord is kind, and as soon as he hears your cries for help, he will come.”

Yesterday a close friend of ours with a great deal of unfinished ministry ahead of her took the hand of the Holy Spirit and walked God’s Road from this life to the next and we cried. Then we wondered why yet as our tears flowed as our minds wandered God silently waited to hear not our plea for understanding but our plea for help. God’s help comes to us not on our terms but his. While it is true there are times when God honors our wishes but when our wishes are opposed to his he simply says to us, “This is the road! Now follow it.” And more times than not the destination God has in mind for us is always over the horizon out of sight.

We humans have a tendency to fix our eyes on the horizon trying to see what forms of blessing awaits us. Yet just as important as God’s blessings are when we arrive at his destination, it is equally important and in some cases may be more important to affix our eyes on God and sense his presence in the Holy Spirit as we walk down on God’s Road.

There is Hope, Peace, Compassion, Joy, Healing, and Love on the Journey.

The good news is the blessings on God’s Road apply to more than just losing a close friend they apply to every “trouble or sorrow” life throws at us. God may not always respond to “WHY, LORD” but you can always depend on the Holy Spirit as a response to “HELP, LORD”!

Believe it! Experience it!

Grace and PEACE!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Turn to the Lord! He can still be found. Call out to God! He is near.” (Isaiah 55:6, CEV)

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Scripture marked CEV are taken from the Contemporary English Version © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society, Used by Permission.

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