Glory Seed Devotional 08/27/2014

A Planting of Faith Seeds for the Glory of the LORD

Smile God’s up to something in your life…

I am certain you have plans for your life, dreams you want to fulfill, a “bucket list” to fill. According to Jeremiah God also has plans for your life, “For I know the plans that I am planning concerning you,’ declares Yahweh, ‘plans for prosperity and not for harm, to give to you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11, LEB)

The plans/dreams I have for my own life are not elaborate for instance I have plans to put “Ole Blue” (my bicycle) on the back of our car and drive to a starting point on the Wadhams to Avoca Trail and ride across the old train trestle. Sometimes when I look back on my life I think I should have had more aggressive, more elaborate plans for my life like pursuing a formal higher education or having pursued a professional career. But looking back is either “the road of regret and guilt” or it is “the road of puffed up pride” and neither lends itself to being a better me and will slow me from going forward with what life I have yet to live.

The greatest plan/dream I have for my life is twofold, to give reality to Jesus to as many as I can by telling my Jesus story, and glorify God by fulfilling as best I can his plans for my life. As many things as the bible is to me it is also “God’s Plan for Life” book. Whether you know it or not God can be rather sneaky because he doesn’t put his plans for our lives in one neatly organized chapter instead he reveals them one by one throughout the entire 66 books of the bible.

This morning during my spending time in God’s Plan for Life book I stumbled (by divine design) on another one of God’s Plan for our life. And like 99.9 percent of God’s plans this one isn’t elaborate either. “Our God has said: “Encourage my people! Give them comfort.” (Isaiah 40:1, CEV)

The need for encouragement IS NOT a sign of weakness and failure it is simply a sign of a life lived to the fullest. Today someone will flash a quick smile in your direction and their smile will be a mask hiding their need for encouragement, their need for the gentle touch of comfort. Every person, every day needs someone to encourage them, to cheer them on, someone who has “been there survived that” and today you just maybe the one God has planned to give them the encouragement they need to remove their mask and truly smile.

Smile and encourage someone and because God’s up to something in your life your encouragement will come back to you in ways that will take you by complete surprise!


Believe it! Experience it!

Grace and PEACE!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Turn to the Lord! He can still be found. Call out to God! He is near.” (Isaiah 55:6, CEV)

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Scripture marked CEV are taken from the Contemporary English Version © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society, Used by Permission.

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