Glory Seed Devotional 01/02/2015

A Glory Seed Devotional planted for the Greater Glory of God

2015: Year of the Promise, part two…

Lord, teach me your ways, and guide me to do what is right because I have enemies. Do not hand me over to my enemies, because they tell lies about me and say they will hurt me. I truly believe I will live to see the Lord’s goodness. Wait for the Lord’s help. Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord’s help.” (Psalm 27:11–14, NCV)

Words come easy. Sometimes painfully to easy. The old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones but words and names will never hurt me,” is a crock! Words can and do kill… The soul. The spirit. Hopes. Dreams. Love. Joy. Peace. We live by the very words we speak and listen to. “Jesus answered, “It is written in the Scriptures: ‘A person does not live on bread alone.’ ” (Luke 4:4, NCV)

Yesterday I set the theme for 2015 as 2015: Year of the Promise. At this point while I can’t be 100% certain I think the Holy Spirit had a hand in it so I am not sure it will take us or what it will tell us. Because the bible is full of God’s promises which promise does God want us to look at? All of them? The possibilities are endless. When I think about God’s promises the ones I am aware of and the ones I am not aware of my thoughts keep coming back to the one promise in every known promise: Jesus.

Jesus is God’s Promise! Every promise God will fulfill will come to fruition through our relationship to and with Jesus. With that in mind I need to make one small change to 2015’s yearly theme: 2015: Year of Promise. Where will it take us? What will it say to us? What will it do for us? More importantly what will we do for it, what will we say to it, where will we follow it? Will we journey through new territory or revisit old territory (both I suspect).

Will 2015 be the year Jesus makes his grand entrance into our world a second time? No one really knows (except God) but this I do know Jesus through the Holy Spirit is ALREADY HERE and while I’ll not forget that I will focus my life on the Jesus already here.

Holy Spirit… Lead on!

Anticipate! Experience! Believe! Be transformed!

Grace and PEACE, Amen!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Those who wait for perfect weather will never plant seeds; those who look at every cloud will never harvest crops.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4, NCV)

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“Scriptures quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version, copyright © 1987, 1988, 1991 by Word Publishing, Dallas, Texas 75039. Used by permission.”

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