Glory Seed Devotional, 04/27/2015

Glory Seed Devotionals, 2015: Year of Promise

Trusting God…

“My friends, I want you to know what a hard time we had in Asia. Our sufferings were so horrible and so unbearable that death seemed certain. In fact, we felt sure that we were going to die. But this made us stop trusting in ourselves and start trusting God, who raises the dead to life. God saved us from the threat of death, and we are sure that he will do it again and again.” (2 Corinthians 1:8–10, CEV, emphasis added)

I remember my dad talking about being a young soldier in World War II hunkering down in a foxhole with mortar shells falling around him telling God if he saved him he would give his life to God. Then after spending 11 months in a German POW camp dad came home and spent rest of his life fulfilling his promise to God. My dad found himself where the apostle Paul was when he was sure “death seemed certain.” And like Paul found himself trusting in God.

Hunkering in a foxhole with death falling all around isn’t an everyday happening for us but the need to trust God is. I know I’ve written on the subject before and I will probably will continue because I keep finding little things I need to surrender and trust God. I don’t know if that is true with you or not but just when I think I am trusting God wham! I find myself lying flat on my back looking up wondering what little pothole tripped me this time.

There are times when I find myself caught up in the discussion over whether God puts the “potholes” in our path or they’re a by-product of life. Attempting to find an answer invariably I find myself answering yes and yes but, more important than determining the source is what I do after the pothole trips me. Do I pick myself up, dust myself off and go on my way as before or do I surrender and trust it to God? Unfortunately in my case for some reason I keep falling in the same pothole and I find myself taking comfort from Paul, “God saved us from the threat of death (pothole), and we are sure that he will do it again and again.”

Always trust God and never give up because God never gives up on us!

Believe! Anticipate! Experience! Be transformed!

Grace and PEACE, Amen!


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The LORD gives strength to those who are weary… But those who trust the LORD will find new strength…” (Isaiah 40:29, 31 CEV)

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Scriptures marked CEV, “Scripture taken from the Contemporary English Version © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society, Used by Permission.”

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