Glory Seed Devotional, 04.06.2016

Glory Seed Devotionals, 2016: Year of the Blessing

When life says, “No!” Jesus says, Go!”

PEACE be unto you!

Of all the “voices” we hear throughout the day perhaps the most powerful soundless voice we hear is the one only we can hear. For example not a day goes by but what at some point I don’t hear the voice of Discouragement saying, “Gary, with your troubled heart, decreased lung capacity, artificial hips and other health issues you’d better just sit back take things easy watch TV, read a book, do a puzzle because the less you do the longer you’ll live.”

If it weren’t for Jesus’ voice whispering through the words of the prophet Isaiah , “Come to Me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. I will give you all the unfailing love I promised to David. See how I used him to display My power among the peoples…” (Isaiah 55:3-4 NLT) It would be so easy to fall into Discouragements trap.

The voice of discouragement may not be sounding off in your heart like it does with me but I suspect you have negative voices unique to your life experience. Perhaps it’s the voice of Inferiority, or the voice of superiority, or the voice of Depression, or the voice of Desperation, or the voice of Prejudice, to mention a few I’ve struggled with over the years.

When the “chips” are down there’s only one voice, Jesus’ voice, we can count on. I remember in the early hours following my heart surgery in September of 2013 it was Jesus’ “voice” that encouraged me to keep “plugging” away.

Believe in presence of the GOD and in the strength of his GRACE!


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“Scripture quotations marked NLT are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.”

2 thoughts on “Glory Seed Devotional, 04.06.2016

  1. Yes indeed Mr. Discouragement and Ms. Hopeless sit in the corners of my room daily, I see them now and know when they come into vision I need to pray more and look for God no matter the circumstances and He always shows up and shows those two back to their corners not out of the room for they have something to teach me perhaps more reliance on the Lord, perhaps patience, perhaps, mercy and grace but H stands beside me and I am thankful and keep on keeping on!!!

  2. Thank you my friend… I appreciate your response. I never thought of God as Mr. H so if you don’t mind I am going to adopt Him as MR. H in my life and writings as well. Take care and God Bless! —Gary

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