Glory Seed Devotional, 05/11/2016

Glory Seed Devotionals, 2016: Year of the Blessing

On becoming rich and powerful…

PEACE be unto you!

This morning when I got out of bed pulmonary fibrosis was really giving me trouble and I began thinking, “Poor Gary.” Then while I was making my cup of coffee I discovered poor Gary is why Ephesians is fast becoming one of my favorite books of the Bible. According to Warren Wiersbe it’s all about being be rich and powerful and if the secret dream of many is to be rich, famous, and powerful then that’s for me too. I don’t care to become famous but rich and powerful is a completely different story, a different story with a twist.

In his book Be Rich Warren Wiersbe writes, “Today, He promises to supply all our needs “according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19), but He does not promise to shield us from either poverty or pain. The Father has given us every blessing of the Spirit, everything we need for a successful, satisfying Christian life. The spiritual is far more important than the material.”** Times like this morning are times when I sure wish he would have left out “but He does not promise to shield us from either poverty or pain” but elsewhere in the book Wiersbe says poverty and pain are what connects us with God.

Because poverty and pain connect us with God, “The spiritual is far more important than the material.” Paul writes, “All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3 NLT) In his letter to Timothy Paul writes, “Teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money, which is so unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.” (1 Timothy 6:17 NLT) It is the last sentence that has the greatest impact on my life because it tells me to place my trust in God who blesses me with whatever I need to enjoy life even though insurance companies consider me poor in health and with one foot in the grave.

What’s cool about my life – I am alive and living in the Light of God’s richest blessings! Therefore, “Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise Him again–my Savior and my God!” (Psalms 42:11 NLT)

Believe in presence of the GOD and in the strength of his GRACE!



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**Wiersbe, Warren W. (2010-01-01). Be Rich (Ephesians): Gaining the Things That Money Can’t Buy (The BE Series Commentary) (p. 23). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition.

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Unless otherwise noted, “Scripture quotations marked NLT are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.”

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