Glory Seed Devotional, 2016.07.25

Glory Seed Devotionals, 2016: Year of the Blessing

Fear for daily life…


I know I’ve asked you this question recently but I’m asking it again so please be patient with me. Have you ever been afraid of the dark? I know I recently wrote about my fear of th dark but this time the dark I am referring to is the absence of hope, the sense of helplessness, the feelings of unworthiness, the feeling of lonliness. At one time or another I fit into all the above categories but thanks to Charles Haddon Spurgeon that was then this is now. And before going on there’s a good chance you know exactly what darkness I’m referring to, don’t you?

Quite a few years ago during a Sunday School Class the subject got around to fears one lady said she had fears but she did not fess up to them because as long as she didn’t fess up to them they never bothered her. Thinking something was wrong with me I tried ignoring my fear of the dark and it didn’t work for me.

Now back to what C.H. Spurgeon wrote in “Cheer for Daily Life” in the chapter titled “Seasons of Darkness”. “I know not how you may be affected by the solemnities of midnight, but when I have sat alone musing on the great God and the mighty universe, I have felt that indeed I could worship Him: for night seemed to be spread abroad as a very temple for adoration, while the moon walked as high priest, amid the stars, the worshippers…” (Cheer for Daily Life.)

I know the Holy Spirit has been working with me on my fear of the dark (and other fears as well) for years but what Spurgeon wrote was “the icing on the cake”. The Holy Spirit said to me, “Now, go and fear no more!” I will never be afraid of the dark again!” There will doubt continue to be times when fear will try to beat me into submission but instead I will take Jesus’ extended hands walk with him and embrace the dark and all the blessings it holds.

Spurgeon also wrote in “Seasons of Darkness” about the blessings the dark holds for us. “We need clouds and darkness to exercise our faith; to cut off self-dependence, and make us put more faith in Christ, and less in evidence, less in experience, less in frames and feelings.” (Cheer for Daily Life)

Believe in presence of the GOD and in the strength of his GRACE!



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1 thought on “Glory Seed Devotional, 2016.07.25

  1. I read a book called learning to walk in the dark – it too reminded us that we need the dark to feel the presence of God and to shut out all else as we are prone to see things with our eyes and thanks for sharing – sit in the dark, breathe deep and know the Lord is with you

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